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  A 23-year-old Chinese woman has died after her mobile phone exploded while it was being charged.
  Miss Zhao was found dead in Shijiazhuang,the capital city of northeast China's Hebei province.She was talking to her boyfriend on her mobile phone,but suddenly went silent.
  After the boyfriend failed to get a response in a prolonged period of time,he rushed to Zhao's home.It was already too late,as the phone had clearly exploded in her hands,and her entire chest had been burned.
  This piece of news draws public attention to the using safety of electronic devices,especially the most commonly used mobile phone,and provides information that will be of great value in as sessing the safety of cell phone use.
  Liang Guangchuan,a researcher from Hebei University of Technology,says the tragedy could be caused by a faulty charger and electric leakage of the lithium battery.He suggests that to be on the safe side,one should avoid using his or her mobile phone while it is being charged.
  This accident caused great response in the population of cell phone users.A cell phone user replied in an interview,"I swear,after I post this comment,I will never play with my mobile phone again when the battery is still being charged."A sample of comments on Weibo:"Should the cell phone producer be responsible for this accident and make effort to broadcast the knowledge of cell phone using safety?"
  Recently,a tragedy happened in Hebei,China.A very young girl died because of cell phone explosion.Her cell phone exploded when she was talking to her boyfriend at night via cell phone,which is being charged.
  This sad news caused public discussion all over country.Experts and researchers claimed that cell phone users should avoid of using cell phone when charging them in case of security issues.
  Those people who frequently use cell phones are concerned about the safety of cell phone using.Most users are frightened by this news and promised that they would never use cell phones when it was being charged.Yet,someone intended to question the liability of the phone producers and want to get safety assurance from them.
  In my opinion,as many cautionary tales as I have heard,I will try to get rid of the cell phone addiction and find other things to do when it is being charged.



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